Annual events

The Life Centre organises a number of events each year for staff, students, their families, friends of the Centre and the surrounding community.

 The Craft Fair


Held every Winter, the annual craft fair features items handmade by the students in the Centre. Items include stools, flowerboxes, Santa socks, jewelry, cakes and jams, Christmas cards, ornaments, etc. Everything sold is made by the staff and students of the Centre, and all profits are shared out amongst the students.

The Christmas Dinner


The Christmas Dinner is our biggest event each year. The kids help prepare and cook a Christmas Dinner which they serve to their families and anyone else associated with the Centre. In 2011, 120 people were served at this event. The day allows our young people to give something back to their families and friends, and to show everyone just how hard they work in the Centre.

Make A Book Projectlifebook

The Make a Book project takes place in March every year, and staff and students work together to create a book on a topic that interests everyone. In 2011, the book was called Make Time for People, and students made a stand for a phone and phone book, in which they wrote about people who inspired them.

Awards Night

The awards night takes place at the end of the school year, and recognises the work the young people have put in during the term. Awards include Student of the Year, Attender of the Year, Best Pool Player, Best Cook, as well as a few other more humorous awards. The event is well attended and is a very inclusive night for all who are there.