Extra Curricular Activities

The Life Centre organises a number of extra curricular programmes which give the students a chance to sample different types of activities that they may not have had access to before. Cork Life Centre Drumming

Music Programme

Listening, playing, discussing, and learning music. The music programme runs once a week and is open to all staff and students. So far this year, there has been beat box, rap, drumming, guitar, African drumming, Kaoss Pads, and singing as part of this. In November, those involved in the group made a CD, Music 4 Life, in which they sang, played instruments, and showed off their musical talents to the public. A big thank you must be mentioned to Electric Aid, who funded this hugely successful programme.

Film Module

Learning how to shoot, edit, animate and design. The young people are shown how to work with programmes so that they can create animations and designs of their own work. Those involved are also making a documentary around the topic of suicide, in the hope of raising awareness about this serious, yet taboo, subject.

Weekends Away

The staff bring kids away for weekends down in Wexford, in a coastal town. Here, the kids get swim, play on the beach, visit local attractions such as a seal sanctuary, take part in outdoor activities, and generally relax away from the bustle of city life. Cork life centre outdoor

Physical Activities

The Centre always offers a lot of sports and outdoor activities to kids, for their own physical development. Activities we have arranged in the past include, Soccer, Horse Riding, Tennis, Kickboxing, Canoeing, Capoeira, Wall Climbing, Hill walking, Camping, Swimming.

Cultural Activities

In addition to their educational development, the Centre arranges for our young people to explore cultural activities during their time here too. Examples involve, trips to theatres, museums, and art galleries. Visiting the Lord Mayor’s office and City Hall. Visits to Cork City Gaol and Viking Dublin.