I think I’d miss you even if we’d never met…..

Blog ImageIndeed yes, this is a line from a saccharine sweet rom-com which I best now reference(‘The Wedding Date’) But this thought has been bouncing around my head as I reflect on 2018-another amazing year working with young people and being privileged enough to share their journeys. I think of all the incredible achievements of our students little and large over the past 12 months.  I think in particular of the 12 students who sat their Leaving Cert in June 2018 many of whom had been with us for 5 years, and who are now moving onwards and upwards, but who very kindly keep in touch and keep us posted on their continued journeys.

I reflect on the shared joy as we opened results together in August but I reflect also on how that day was only in small part about results-it was about celebrating and taking stock of how we have lived, learned and grown together. And I get to wondering about all I might have not learned about life and the world if I had not met this dozen. And indeed if I had not met all the wonderful young people who have moved through the red door, halls and classrooms of the Cork Life Centre, those are doing so right now and even those who I have yet to meet.

We had a lovely tweet from a former volunteer in the run up to results day in August-it went a little something like this:

‘Shared the most amazing experience last year with the students of the Life Centre…who really taught me a lot, rather than me teaching them. Which I feel makes the Life Centre so special….’

I couldn’t agree more-here’s just a little of what you’ve taught me Cork Life Centre Class of 2018(some of it is profound but I made sure to add some silly)

  • The world can be too cruel but kindness is always possible
  • Too much resilience isn’t a good thing-we don’t need to be rocks-we need each other-we all need to be able to ask for help
  • Fun just happens when we go on a car journey-where we are going is irrelevant
  • We don’t have to be the same to feel the same about the things that matter
  • We can’t rush each other into becoming ourselves
  • At this point I don’t think we’re ever going to succeed in training the cups and saucers to jump into the dishwasher
  • Sometimes having someone stay with us even if they don’t have all the answers is all we need
  • Even when people have to leave us they stay a part of our hearts
  • There are not enough pens and paper in the world that you will not come to the office requesting pens and paper
  • The word ‘yurt ‘ is always funny
  • Human beings have the capacity to laugh and joke about just about anything ‘It’s a maths joke’
  • Real honesty is scary but it works
  • Home is not necessarily a place it’s a feeling
  • A school is just a building but a community can reach further


Thank you for being my teachers…..


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