Animal therapy for teens making a difference

Worrying story from the UK today on child protection.

A report found that too many vulnerable children face “clear and present risk of harm” because of serious failings in council child protection department.  The child protection system is permeated by “widespread levels of mediocre provision”, the report said. “Too many children are not receiving the services they deserve.”

On a more positive note, here’s an interesting story on the benefits of animal therapy for traumatised teens from the U.S. Could we do something similar here?

“The treatment center is a working cattle ranch, with 80 head of cattle, 17 horses and one therapy dog. The teens help with farm chores and animal care, including tagging calves and bottle-feeding calves whose mothers have rejected them. They also help administer shots and vaccinations as part of the center’s goal toward helping them attain a greater level of autonomy and independence.”

Read all about it here:


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