Report outlines risks teens take to escape conflict, despair and poverty

As part of our blog, we are starting a weekly round up of news and views concerning child welfare and children’s rights from around the world. Feel free to comment – here or on Twitter! First up is an eye-opening report released by Unicef today.

1. Migrant children making the perilous journey to Europe to escape war and poverty face possible beatings, rape and forced labor in addition to risk of drowning in the Mediterranean, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said.

Minors account for a growing percentage of migrants and refugees, particularly those trying to reach Italy by sea from Libya, it said in a report, “Danger Every Step of the Way“.

Of the roughly 206,200 people who arrived in Europe by sea this year to June 4, one in three was a child, it said, citing figures from the U.N. refugee agency.

“Every step of the journey is fraught with danger, all the more so for the nearly one in four children traveling without a parent or guardian,” UNICEF said.

Read the rest of the story here:

2. The death of a toddler could have been avoided in UK if the authorities had shown more interest in the case, an inquest heard. Read the story here:

3. A report expected to be released in August 2016 will indicate that in US state Iowa, African-American youth are removed from school for disruptive behavior at a rate 5.9 times higher than White youth, and are arrested at a rate 6.5 times higher than White youth.  Overall juvenile arrests in the nine selected metropolitan police departments increased 3.4% for African-American youth, while juvenile arrests decreased nearly 31% for White youth during the same reporting period. Read more here:

4. Disturbing crimes against children are on the rise in India. Read here:

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